A Walk Around Braunston, Northamptonshire

Sunday was a glorious day!  After all the rain we have had (even though it was good for the farmers and the plants), it was lovely to have some heat and sunshine.  We decided to head off to the little village of Braunston.   Braunston is a pretty little village that lies above the Braunston Marina.   There are quite a few old houses mixed in with modern properties and what the village has going for it apart from a couple of nice pubs and a few shops is some really lovely views.

All Saint's Church - Braunston

Just look at that sky!  And it was baking!  Lovely!  It is very easy to walk from the village to the canal.  There are a few different paths that one can take.

We hadn’t realised until we wandered down to the canal that there was a boating event going on.  There were so many different types of canal boats.  I love the painted pots and decorations on the boats.  There is so much to look at.  Some people have worked really hard to make their boats attractive.  There is a lot of history behind the narrowboats and the canals which is very interesting.  I lived on a barge many years ago in Little Venice when I moved to London the first time.  It was well equipped and had heating.  The kitchen was larger than the one in my New York City flat!  It is amazing what you can do with one of these boats.


There was a very happy and laid back atmosphere.  Who could be grumpy on a lovely day like this?  Even the boat dog was chilled out!