Paint Your Dream

I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream – Vincent Van Gogh

I have finally dreamed my painting, and that was even before I fell asleep.  After months of painting fruit, flowers and vegetables, I finally painted something original and totally symbolic and significant to me.

30.06.11 - Walking Up The Garden Path - Mixed Media - 8x12"

It turns out that those months of painting fruit and naked people has paid off.  I can now draw tulips and lillies practically blindfolded.  This may be a little whimsical with the sequins glued onto the picture – will have to see how long they stay on!  However, there is a load of symbolism going on here.  I won’t bore you with artistic jargon right now as to what it all means, but people close to me, if they are observant, will get a few things.  Right now this is a prelude to a large canvas I want to make and is the first in a series.

Yes! I have a series in my head.  I am excited beyond measure.  And!  I finally want to go large!  How cool is that!