Airbourne 2011-Day 1-Washout!

Day one of Airbourne was a bit of a washout.  It was dull and damp.  Grey skies really don’t affect the airshow, and nor does a little bit of rain, but combine that with heavy wind and well…

The Tigers Parachute Display Team was supposed to start off the show at 1pm, but it wasn’t happening.  The show didn’t kick off until about two.

To see us entertained, we had an aerobatics display by…The Seagulls.

The Seagull Aerobatic Display Team

Earlier in the morning, the Royal Navy Black Cats helicopter display team did a bit of practice and they came back at 2pm to give us a fine display.  They weren’t meant to come back until after 3pm so it was very nice of them to give us a show.

Royal Navy Black Cats

After their display, we were told that The Blades were on next at 3pm.  3pm came and went and it was pushed until 4pm.  We decided to call it a day as it was damp and cold.

Here is a photo of The Black Cats practicing on Wednesday night.  I adjusted my camera settings on Day 1 to capture the whirr of the blades, while here the shutter speed made everything frozen and you can see more detail on the blades.

Royal Navy Black Cats

The show may have been a bit of a washout the first day, but people were friendly and we had some nice conversations while we were waiting.  Some people spent a lot of money on transport to come out for nothing, but that is the way it is in this country.  I am glad I live locally.

Today is looking a bit brighter and we have a later start, 2pm kickoff.  You can watch it on Livestream.