Airbourne 2011-Day 2

For me, this year’s Airbourne is all about trying to take better photographs and learning how to use my camera better.

Although I feel I have taken some very good photographs in the past, the issue now is with the propellers.  Most of them from last year have a static prop and the challenge this year is to show motion in the props by choosing the correct f-stop.  It has been a bit tricky and I have had more lousy/blurry photos this year than clear ones that show motion.  It has been much easier to use a faster shutter speed for the jets as they are very fast and there are no propellers to consider.

I have so many photos to go through and edit and as I have company I don’t have the time to upload photos as I have done in the past.  The weather this day started out really beautifully and ended up quite dull and overcast.  This restricted the Red Arrows from doing their thing and after waiting all day they only did a couple of fly pasts as it wasn’t safe to do anything else.  However, I managed to get a couple of good shots.  Here is one I did earlier.

Red Arrows