Breast Screening, Mammograms, whatever!

Here I am two years after having had my first ever Mammogram.  You can read about the first one here.  The first one was not an unpleasant experience.

I don’t know why I must have another one so soon, but maybe it is because I moved.  Anyway, its free and is a good thing to have done.

So there I was in a mobile unit outside the hospital.  The technician was pleasant and I didn’t have to go through the fifty question routine.  My physical experience was not as comfortable as the last time.  Last time, I experienced some minor discomfort.  This time was a bit more uncomfortable.  I think I got squished more than necessary.  Fortunately, I am not shy of saying when something is hurting, so the technician had to try again.  She was very nice about it and it wasn’t too bad.

I was in and out in a relatively short amount of time.

As I’ve said before, I think it is a very good idea to go and have a mammogram or breast screening.  Whatever the minor discomfort, it could possibly save your life.  I get my results in a few weeks.  Keep fingers crossed.

Here is a link to the NHS Breast Screening website:


One thought on “Breast Screening, Mammograms, whatever!

  1. Arlene

    I’ve got word that I am in the clear, which is very good news indeed. I know that some women are not as lucky and I am very grateful to be in good health.

    If you get called for a screening, please go. The more information you have about your health, even if it isn’t such good news, the sooner something can be done about it.

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