Making Christmas Cake

I know!  It isn’t even the end of October yet!  They have had Christmas things in the shops since the beginning of the month!  I was told that October was the best month to sell Christmas items.  I told the salesperson that if everybody waited until November, then that would be the best month to […]

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The Sky Where I Live

I love clouds.  When I was a kid, I used to love lying on the ground and looking up at the clouds and watch them blow by and try to work out what they looked like.  Some things in my life haven’t changed much.  However, these days I can lie on the beach and do […]

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Why I Love My Town

It is October and we are still having amazing weather.  Although it was a bit windy on the seafront, the sky was clear and the temperature was mild.  I took both of my cameras out with me – a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS and a Canon EOS 450D.  I took the 80-200mm lens with me, […]

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