Birling Gap – BBQ and Sunset

We have had some amazingly warm weather here in the UK and this weekend was the first I have been able to enjoy it as I have a bit of temp work going on. 🙂  Granted, it was nice to eat lunch outdoors during my break this past week.  However, nothing beats having the whole day or weekend to enjoy glorious weather.

I was invited by a friend to come to a BBQ at Birling Gap.  We were going to meet up about 4pm, when the crowds would be leaving.   Well, it was crowded and only some of them were leaving as it seemed that many others had a similar idea.  The day was too nice for words!  I had been planning on sunbathing on the beach locally, but I did that in my back garden instead, knowing I would be going out later.  Imagine, sunbathing in October, in England!

So we had the BBQs going on at the beach and we watched the sun go down over the sea.  It was too beautiful for words.  The sun doesn’t set over the water in Eastbourne, as Eastbourne actually faces, yes, you guessed it, East!  I have never watched the sun set over the water here until tonight.  We also had a crescent moon.  And we had loads of stars.  I took loads of photos of the sun setting, but here are just a few.  I will now let the pictures do the talking. Enjoy!