Last of the Summer…

They say there is a storm a comin’.  After some unseasonably warm weather, it was bound to happen.  I think winter is finally on its way.  😦

In spite of all that, a few of my plants are still doing their best to show off some blooms.  It’s like they are thumbing up their noses (if flowers had noses!) to the adverse weather to come.  I had to take a photo before the weather took over.

I have no idea what the pink thing is.  It’s a survivor from the previous owner.  There is just one heavenly smelling bit of jasmine and one lone Lilly left.  I have the table and chiminea all wrapped up for winter.

However, this is the saddest thing…

The Last of the Summer Wine!

Don’t let that bottom row fool you.  I still have three bottles of mulled wine from last Christmas! This wine rack can hold 30 bottles of wine.  This is a very sad and sorry sight.  The rack is only half full! Actually, less than that minus the mulled wine.  What a crisis.   Better go shopping for more wine, stat! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Last of the Summer…

  1. The wine rack may be missing a few bottles – but you have a great perspective calling it half full. And you’re going to top it up. Cheers!

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