Beautiful Sunset at Birling Gap

Last Saturday, my sweetheart and I went to Birling Gap for a BBQ and to watch the sunset.  It was an unseasonably warm day for October in the UK.  I love days like that!  Unlike the last time I went to Birling Gap, and that was only a few weeks ago, there weren’t many people left on the beach! 🙂 People came and went to watch the sun go down, but we practically had the place to ourselves.

See, practically empty beach.  The sun was still very hot.

I love the way the sun reflected off of the cliffs and made different colours.

What a stunning sunset!

The tide was going out as the sun was going down.  We had the most amazing orange glow in the sky for nearly an hour after the sun went down.  It was really beautiful and romantic.

This is a view looking towards Cookmere Haven and the start of The Seven Sisters.

We also had fire!  I had collected bits of driftwood and twigs and other things that would burn so that we could have a fire after the BBQ as it started to cool down somewhat once the sun had set.  My man is a regular Ray Mears, or Bear Grills.

You can still see that lovely orange glow in the sky.  Once the fire got going, we watched the stars come out.  We even saw the death of a star.  One moment we were looking up at the stars and one became very, very bright, then it was gone. Just like that!  It was very cool and very sad at the same time.  And to think that it happened so long ago.  Nature is so amazing.

By this time there was only us and another couple further down the beach, only two fires blazing whereby a few weeks ago there were many along the beach.  We eventually packed up to go home.

This is what we saw on the ride home…

These photos do not do justice to what we saw.  I just for the life of me couldn’t get a good photograph.  We had what was left of a Harvest Moon.  It was the cherry on top of an amazing evening.  Picture a huge orange moon with the town of Eastbourne all lit up, including The Pier.  It was a visual feast.  The perfect end to a perfect evening.  Well, almost! 😉

all photographs were taken with a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS on Sunset Mode, except for the moon shots that were shot on fast speed