Random Photos of My World the Last Couple of Weeks

The full moon was soo bright!  And this was taken in the morning!  I am having difficulty taking pictures of bright moons even though I can see the markings with my eye.  My PowerShot has a retractable lens, so I am limited to the features as I am not au fait with F stops, etc., yet!

Here it is a few minutes later.

Sunset at Birling Gap taken with my Canon EOS 450D with a polarising filter.  First time I’ve used a polariser.  I can feel a painting coming on.

Sunset on the way home from work.  The starlings were doing their magic on The Pier.  The sun doesn’t set over the water in Eastbourne, but when it goes down, there is a lovely light to the sky.  Its more dramatic when there are clouds.

Sunrise on the way to work.

I must say that I really do enjoy the drive to and from work.   I drive along the seafront, against traffic.  Then I drive through some open countryside.  If there is a downside to the drive, I drive with the sun in my eyes!  It’s a small price to pay for a quick and beautiful journey to work.

The last lilly in the garden, still going strong in spite of being nibbled by a bug.

And last but not least…

This is a study for a new flower painting.  I have done white arum lillies, now I am going to paint pink lillies.  I also have new bookcases, which reminds me that I need to do a house update soon as there have been a few home improvements.

My temp contract has been extended, so I don’t have a lot of time for painting these days, or photography, or dancing!  However, I did join a gym! 🙂  And I will be getting out the knitting needles again.  I might even read some books now that I have new specs!

If anyone can give me some tips on taking great pictures of the moon, I would be really grateful.  Take care people!