Why I Love My Town

It is October and we are still having amazing weather.  Although it was a bit windy on the seafront, the sky was clear and the temperature was mild.  I took both of my cameras out with me – a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS and a Canon EOS 450D.  I took the 80-200mm lens with me, when I should have taken the wide-angle lens.  Next time!  I love walking along the seafront, it is one of my favourite things that I like to do. 🙂

These pictures were taken with the PowerShot on Sunset mode and Landscape mode.


These were taken with the EOS using the polarizing Filter.

This one is a detail of the columns on the bandstand.  They are still beautiful even though they are showing some cracks.  They still have the Christmas lights on them!


The starlings were doing their magic and the young gulls were hovering over The Pier while an older gull was keeping watch.

The gardens by The Pier have flowers all year round!  How wonderful is that!  We even have a train that will take you from one end of town at Holywell to the other end towards Sovereign Harbour.  If you have mobility issues it is a great way to see the promenade.  The kids seem to love it too.

That’s it for now!