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Since the clocks went back, my drive to and from work are very different.  I still wake up in the dark, but I now leave work when it is dark.  I really feel that winter truly is upon us.  Though it feels more Autumnal than winter right now as it is still mild, but you know what I mean. You know winter is going to happen upon you just because you have to go home from work in the dark.

This is what the sky was like one morning on the way to work.  It is strange how the sky by The Pier is so different.  However, The Pier is on my left and slightly more to the North, where the sun is rising directly from the East.  Actually, most of Eastbourne faces East! 🙂

Here is a photo from that evening on the way home from work.  I am still trying to work out the best feature on my camera for taking photos at night.  I might have to keep the tripod in the car.  The picture of the moon looks like a heart!

Although I have to drive home in the dark from work, I do have a lovely drive.  All the lights are lit up on the seafront as well as The Pier.  It’s so pretty.

The sky can also look like this.  It is kinda spooky when it is misty and grey.  Although there were people on The Pier, it still looks eerily deserted.  This was taken on the 5th of November.  I managed to go out for a couple of hours after being ill all week.

Here is the full moon taken on the 8th of November.  I just wish I could remember what feature I used on my Canon 450D!  I took so many photos of the moon with both of my cameras and only 2 came out like this.  I have to start writing these things down.  Anyway, I see a Panda wearing sunglasses in the moon.  What do you see?


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