Random Photos of my World

I have an obsession with the moon.  Who wouldn’t?  It is so beautiful.  And it is difficult to get a great photo of it, especially if you are me and not aux fait with f stops and shutter speeds and the rest.  I can stare at a full moon for hours.  Anyway, I managed to get a very nice picture of the not-so-full moon from my back garden one morning – complete with airplane.

Here is a close-up.

I also love a good sunrise.  My drive to work can be amazing some mornings when I am driving along the seafront.

I am also partial to a bit of cake.

This is pumpkin bread/cake that I made for Thanksgiving, which is not celebrated in the UK.  I took one into work and it went down a treat.  I had to scour the internet for a recipe, which were all pretty much the same.  Once I perfect this confection, I will post the recipe.

I also love flowers.  My sweetheart likes to bring me flowers when he comes to visit and they usually last for quite some time. These roses may not have much of a scent, not many do these days, but they are pretty and opening up nicely.

And what would my post be without a photo of  The Eastbourne Pier!  It has been blowing a gale out here today.  I managed to finish my work and leave early while still light.  The photo below was taken at 4pm today.

I couldn’t quite capture the violence of the waves as I didn’t have my tri-pod with me and I was being blown about!  I was lucky to get this photo as most of the others were quite blurry!  It still looks stormy though!  I think winter has finally arrived!