A Touch of Christmas – Decorations and Updates

Now that December is finally here, I can let myself think about Christmas.  I really don’t want to know about Christmas in October, thank you, or anytime before Thanksgiving, even though I don’t live in the US anymore!

First off, I have been very busy these last few months.  One minute I am enjoying my summer with not a care, or job, in the world.  Then the next minute, I am working my backside off full-time with a temp job that has been extended twice.  Yes, they love me.  This is my last week.  If they want me back, I can start in January, three days a week.  I am very grateful to have had a job, and grateful to understand what is most important for me in my life.  This full-time working lark has meant that a lot of things had to get put on hold, such as painting.  As I write this, I am waiting for paint to dry as I am trying something new, for me. 🙂

So, I have finished putting up the Christmas Decorations.  Although I love looking at the ideas in magazines and other people’s blogs, for the life of me, I could never really get into the decorating-the-whole-house for Christmas thing.  Part of it has to do with the expense and then the storage for stuff that only comes out once a year for a few weeks.  Over the years I have downsized on the decorations and even to the size of the tree.  Decorations have come and gone.  The kids have all left the nest.  There is no point going mad with Christmas decorations when I don’t have a house full of people to appreciate it, so I have gone minimal.  Here is a peek…

Yes, I have decorations in my bedroom.  I found some beautiful ornaments at TK Maxx these last couple of years.  Everything was reduced even more so. 🙂  I put tree lights in the fireplace.

Last year I went a little bit mad on buying snow babies off of e-bay.  I was given two by my step-mother many years ago and I felt that they were a bit lonely after all of these years.  This one is the only concession to Christmas decorating in my office.  Oh, that and a Swedish light in the window.  This one says ‘Do what you Love’.  I might have to keep this little angel out all year as a reminder to that.

In the guest bedroom fireplace I have large acorn ornaments I bought in the Dunelm Mill sale in January.  I thought I bought loads, but I should have gotten more to put in my bedroom.  The snowman was a gift from my step-mother before the kids were born.  He used to have a broom, but the kids did something with it!  I am surprised he has lasted as long as he has.  The lights around the mirror are there all year round and were purchased from Tchibo before they closed down.  Notice, I have framed and hung up a few of my paintings!

This year I left the lights and baubles off of the garland in the hallway.  These are decorated with what is left of the ornaments we acquired over the years and which were given to us by family and friends, or made by myself and the children.  I got rid of the horrible carpet from downstairs.  My sweetheart ripped it all up when he installed new radiators throughout the house.  I never saw a man work so fast in my life!  I bought some fun, stripey runners to cover the boards.

A lot has been done to the sitting room!  I have some furniture on either side of the fireplace that will eventually get repainted.  I have a new bookcase that was installed with the help of my man.  He is a genius!  These are Billy bookcases (£20 ea) by Ikea.  We cut out the backs to fit my tall skirting so they butt right up against the wall.  I got rid of the back panel so you can see the paint colour.  Grommets were inserted to connect each bookcase together so they are now one solid piece (5 all together), then they were mounted to the wall so they won’t fall over.  You can see that I have a nice little collection of snow babies on the mantle.  I got the pink tree at Marks & Spencer for a fiver.  I found some pink feather lights that are battery operated at Tesco for less than a fiver.

And last but not least, the Dining Room.  I have my original snow babies in here.  They are the two on the right on the mantle.  I bought the little green trees from the pound shop yesterday.  I bought the urn for the tree from a charity shop, and the wreath is the one I made last year.  The table-cloth is a painter’s drop cloth that I use for painting.  I washed and tumble dried it.  I think the table needs something more, like candles and baubles.

I found some battery operated lights and some colourful ornaments and christmas crackers to decorate the table.  Here it is set to celebrate Christmas with my daughter before she goes to LA for Xmas.

I would have decorated the little green tree I have for the upstairs hallway, but I chucked out the wrong base and can’t use it!  I need to find something for it next year! Doh!  So this is my downsized Christmas decorating, unless I spot something in the January sales! 🙂

Now I need to go and finish that painting I started!