Girl Talk – IPL – It Hurts!

I have been fascinated by hair removal from the age of 12 when a Lebanese family moved into the house across the street from us.  They had two girls and a boy.  One of the girls was my age and I was regularly invited into their home.  As well as learning Arabic swear words, learning to play backgammon, and eating Middle Eastern food, I learned a bit about how the ladies liked to remove their hair from their legs and other parts of their body.  The mother showed me how to remove hair from the arms by just running your arm across the high flames on the stove!  That was pretty scary!  And the smell of burning hair!  They would make a concoction of honey, sugar and lemon and use it on the legs and underarms to strip the hair off!  They used thread to remove the hair from the face and eyebrows!

In my day, a sure sign of growing up and turning into an adult was the arrival of body hair.  However, as soon as a woman sprouts hair under her arms does she want to shave it off.  I remember the first time I shaved my legs with my dad’s double-edged razor.  I still have the scar.  I am surprised that I didn’t slice off the mole I have under my left arm!  And then there were the rashes, and in-grown hairs!

So we have the years of bleaching, waxing, shaving!  Each method of hair removal has its downsides and inconveniences. Depilatory creams smell unpleasant.  Waxing and threading rip the hairs out and hurt, and can cause in-grown hairs.  Bleaching smells, can burn your skin and after many years just doesn’t work.  For many years I didn’t shave under my arms, just trimmed, because shaving gave me horrible rashes and in-grown hairs.  The one time I had them waxed, I cried, it hurt so much, and they didn’t even get all of the hair.  Ditto for the legs and bikini area.  Never again.  Better to shave.

There comes a time in a woman’s life when waxing, shaving, bleaching, threading and other methods of depilatory hair removal methods are no longer effective.  Hormones kick in, hair texture changes, and hair sprouts in unexpected areas.  With failing eyesight, I have resorted to using a 7x magnifying mirror in order to tweeze my eyebrows!  Unfortunately, not only are my eyebrows enlarged, but also every pore!  Then you get to notice other areas and wonder how that rogue hair on your chin appeared!  (It’s the hormones!)  No sooner do you pull out those little buggers, another one pops up somewhere and soon you can enter yourself into the bearded lady exhibition at the circus!

About 5 years ago, before I started to worry about my eyesight and rogue hair issues, I met a fascinating young woman who specialised in laser hair removal.  She had done every bit of her body, and I mean every bit.  All she had left was a little box on her pubes.  I’ve seen it!  Her skin was soft and smooth and hairless.  She was a walking advertisement for her trade.  I couldn’t afford her at the time.

When I downsized, I decided that I would use some money to permanently remove hair from certain areas of my person.  You think in Eastbourne that would be an easy task, but no!  I did find a lady who specialised in laser hair removal, but she wouldn’t treat me as my skin at the time was too dark and it wouldn’t work on the light hairs.  This type of laser hair removal was for people with serious hirsute issues.  It was a different type of laser hair removal and potentially dangerous.   What is a woman to do?!  What I needed was IPL.  IPL does not stand for ‘invisible panty line’!  IPL is for ‘intense pulsed light’ therapy.

There is only one place in Eastbourne that does this and they are right around the corner from me!   A test patch was done to see if there would be a reaction.  None, all ok.  I was going to have my face done.  Finally, the end of bleaching!  I was told that it would sting a little.  Ha, that’s what the Doctor says when they give you a jab!  It bloody hurts!  Not so much on the chin area, but the upper lip really smarts and brings tears to my eyes.   Then its all over.  One moment you are being zapped and tortured with a tazer, and the next it is all over and you are pain-free.  Six sessions should get rid of the hair or minimise its appearance.  The ones on my chin disappeared after the first session.  The ones on the upper lip, where the nerves are the most sensitive, are taking a bit longer, but are barely noticeable.  If anyone notices them, its me.  That’s because I use a 7x magnifying mirror!

Because of the good results on my face, I have decided to try under my arms and bikini line.  After one session on the bikini area, I had minimal hair regrowth after one month and no in-grown hairs or rash.  I think this treatment works best on dark, tough hair.  Oh, by the way, it hurts like hell!  For about a couple of minutes.  Just snap a rubber band on the inside of your thigh really hard and it won’t come close!  But you will get the idea.  No pain, no gain, or rather, no hair!

IPL is not just for ladies.  Apparently there are many men who use this treatment to do their backs and face.  OUCH!  I have heard of men waxing their nether regions, but I can’t imagine if they would want to have that area tazered.  Or maybe they would?

You can have IPL done at Dynamic Treatment Rooms on Grove Road, Eastbourne.  They also do a really lovely spa pedicure too!


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      YUP! 😦 But it only lasts a moment. However, depending on what you are having done, you might get zapped 11 times in one session. :%

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