A Walk Around Coventry Cathedral

Coventry isn’t a city you hear much about or would really give a second thought to.  However, there is more to Coventry if you bother to take a look.  Coventry has an old and rich history.  It was heavily bombed during the WWII.  This means that there is a substantial variety of new architecture mixed in with very old properties.  Coventry is also a University City.  This means that there is a rich mix of young people living in the area.  Therefore, the area can be quite lively.  There is quite a substantial shopping centre with lots of restaurants and entertainment.

Coventry has had three Cathedrals.  The one I walked around was the second one, St. Michael’s, which is a ruin.

There are some lovely old buildings around the Cathedral.

It was a bit nippy outside and getting dark when we went to have a look at  The Cathedral.  There is a lot more to see and do if one has the time.  Will definitely come back during daylight hours.

I’m a sucker for pretty Christmas lights.  🙂