A Walk Along the Oxford Canal – Off the Beaten Path

What started off as a grim, cold and snowy morning turned into a glorious afternoon.  I was prepared to walk in all weather.  I donned my waterproofs, hat, scarf and gloves, and off we went in search of something different.

I have done several walks along the Oxford/Grand Union Canal and no two walks have been alike.  This time we picked up the towpath from Rugby.

You can tell from the ice on the canal how cold it was!  There was an interesting mural under the canal bridge – children playing…Rugby!

The path was a bit wet and muddy, nothing unusual for this time of year.  The air was crisp and the sky was clearing up.  We eventually came to a sign telling us about The Newbold Quarry Park.  From where we were standing, it was difficult to imagine any kind of nature park in the middle of a housing area.  However, this is what we saw…

There is a huge quarry lake that you can fish in (you have to throw them back though).  The swans were lovely and just seemed to love posing for the camera.  It was a lovely little walk around a lake that you would never know was there if you didn’t take that first step off the beaten track.

On the way back we came across this…Green Man!

We came across him sideways, where he looks like a soldier, but coming round full frontal we saw this amazing carving.

He is advertising the Swift Valley Country Park.  Another walk for another day and something we didn’t know about before! 🙂


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