God is Talking!

I was raised in a religious manner.  I know, most people wouldn’t have ever guessed, but it is true.  It was a very strict religion – not great if you hate being told what to do.  I have an opinion about religion which I won’t go into here.  Well, I am a bit anti-religion, but […]

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Random photos of my World

January has been practically tropical down here on the coast!  Although the temperature has recently been dropping, we have had a fairly balmy winter.  They don’t call this part of England the sunshine coast for nothing! 🙂 Eastbourne got the most sunshine in all of England in 2011.  It says so here, so it must […]

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So shiny and bright!

I am in love!  With my new kitchen appliances. Yeah, yeah, I know that is a bit weird, but when you are  faced with this every day… This is the hideous and horrible and horrendous (but very clean!) old oven and hob.  This is what was in my kitchen when I moved in nearly two […]

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