Playing with Paint

Something like this

A4 - Acrylic on Canvas - 06.01.12

or this

Acrylic on Canvas - 6x6 inches - 06.01.12

or this

Winter Blues - Acrylic on Canvas - A4 - 06.01.12

What do Crayola Crayons and radiators have to do with my paintings?  Well, when I was young, before the age of 9, I used to melt Crayola Crayons on the cast iron radiators in our house.  There was a reason, a few in fact.  Firstly, the melting capacity of Crayola Crayons on a hot radiator is very fast.  One moment it is a solid and the next it is a runny and colourful liquid.  While the crayons were melting, they reminded me of candles melting, (this was the olden days before non-drip candles were around).  I always liked the look of melted candles in a wine bottle.  Secondly, when you melted a few together, you could make pretty colours and patterns.  Not only was this a scientific experiment, but also an artistic one.

Needless to say, my artistic expression did not go down very well with my parents.  It was probably at this point that my artistic endeavours were quashed and scarred me for life and had me think I was no good at painting and drawing.

Anyway, these are my first paintings of the new year.  I am having fun mixing the paint and trying out different colour combinations.  I will carry on with this until I’ve used up my A4 canvases.  I have about 4 more to go.  Right now I am waiting for paint to dry.  My only problem is, which way should these things be hung?

Image Source:  Crayola, Cast Iron Radiators