Random photos of my World

January has been practically tropical down here on the coast!  Although the temperature has recently been dropping, we have had a fairly balmy winter.  They don’t call this part of England the sunshine coast for nothing! 🙂 Eastbourne got the most sunshine in all of England in 2011.  It says so here, so it must be true!

However, it is still winter and although it can start out gloriously sunny, it can also end up being cloudy and grey, or vice-versa.  I still carry an umbrella around with me this time of year, as you never know…  Though it will be completely useless in the wind.  It does get windy here too!  In any event, we get some amazing light and skies.

The next two photos were taken within minutes of each other.  The sun was behind the cloud, ready to break out.

Yes, we still have flowers on the seafront!

The sun was really doing his best to shine through the clouds this day!

My random posts would not be complete without a photo of The Eastbourne Pier!