A really, really short walk around Goudhurst

Goudhurst is a really small village in Kent.  It is so small, that when I first came upon it, I drove through it without realising.  I did notice it had a pond and looked pretty and thought I might come back for a better look.

I came back one day on my way to Maidstone to pick-up my dive computer and thought we might stop for lunch.  The day was particularly sunny for January and I was able to drive with the top down on the car.  🙂  I did have the heating on and my down coat and a hat!

There really isn’t much to Goudhurst.  There are a couple of pubs, one in a hotel, and the other didn’t seem to be serving food.  I should have done my research better.  What Goudhurst does have is some outstanding views, particularly from the cemetery. I didn’t go into the church this time but had a good look around it.

I think I need to revisit this place as I don’t feel I really did it any justice.  I think there are some really good walks around it.  What do you think?