A Pine Shelf in Chalk Paint – Revisited

I finally put up my shelf.  Well, actually, my sweetie hung it for me while I was at work.  I put all the stuff on it all by myself.

My Bathroom is in transition at the moment.  I have a hideous medicine cabinet and a not great shower/bath on either side of this cabinet.  The old sink has been replaced with one that was living in the spare bedroom.  I still can’t get my head around having a sink in a bedroom, with carpet.  I never saw that until I came to the UK.  Although I understand the concept of having a sink in a spare bedroom, I only have one spare bedroom, but I also have a spare WC right next to it!  Oh, and carpet in or near a wet area is a big no-no in my book!

Getting back to the bathroom shelf…you can see that the colour complements the not-so-wonderful accent tile really well.  Eventually all the tile will be replaced, but until then, the bathroom is starting to look more homey.  It is also nice to have a place near the sink for the hand towels.

You can read about the painting process using the chalk paint hereMost of the accessories and towels came from Dunelm Mill.  The bath foam came from Tesco and the cosmetic pad holder from Ikea.

On another note, I finally got around to making up some business cards with the logo on my photo.  After spending a month on furniture projects, I thought it would be a great idea to get some cards made up as part of my positive thinking and manifesting.  Funny how once you do something like that a real paying job turns up!


3 thoughts on “A Pine Shelf in Chalk Paint – Revisited

  1. Toni Leggate

    I love what you have achieved and feeling inspired have just tried my first piece. An old pine chest/seat. BUT! I have got lots of lumps and bumps after the second coat (left 48 hours between coats). Should I rub down now or wait ’til after waxing?
    Hope you can help…
    ‘hepless novice’

    1. Arlene

      Hi Toni,

      If you used chalk paint, wait until waxing as it won’t be so messy. Otherwise, I would give it a light sanding first and then you can decide if you need a coat of fresh paint. No need to wait so long in-between coats with chalk paint. Just make sure you put your brushes in cling film, or a plastic bag so they don’t dry out as that can create lumps and marks you may not want.

      There are such things as do-overs when it comes to paint, so don’t despair if you don’t get it right the first time!

      Happy Painting!

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