Last Friday I bought some Tulips.  They were the first this season.  Tulips are one of my favourite flowers.  I love it when their petals open all the way out.    Tulips and daffodils signify Spring, and the weather has certainly been mild and Spring-like!

Pink Tulips in the Dining Room

I love flowers on the table.  The dining room is slowly coming together.

There are two different types of pink tulips here.  They look lovely with the green table and pink chairs.

I also got some double yellow/red Tulips for the Living Room.  These are quite frilly and even have a bit of a fresh scent.

I love how the yellow and red contrasts with the pinks and blues in my living room.  If you want to inject a bit of Spring and sunshine into your home, what simpler way to do it than to go out and buy some Tulips! 🙂