Working for Money

I don’t mind working, I have plenty to do.  Unfortunately, the work I need to do doesn’t pay the bills and I am required to actually go out of the house to work for money. I decided to temp until I found something I really want to do.  Last September, I took on a temp […]

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Back in the Groove – With Art

Creating art has taken a bit of a back seat lately.  I have been painting a lot of furniture.  I love painting furniture.  It is creative and practical.  I’m a practical lady.  Besides, I have all of this furniture in my house that needs painting. The creative process has many forms.  People, whether they realise […]

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Random Photos of My World

It was a glorious Spring day on Sunday!  So, I went for a walk with my ‘big’ camera for a change and this is what I saw… Before I actually went out, this is what I saw.  I see the hearts every morning as they live over my bed, but the rainbows I only see […]

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