What’s in your Sewing Box or Basket?

I know how to sew, but fortunately I don’t have to do it very often.  Over the years, I have made clothes, curtains and cushion covers.  I like to keep things simple, but I try to do it right.  I find it very interesting that I have done most of my sewing when the kids were small.  Where I found the time to do anything other than look after them is beyond me sometimes!

I first learned how to sew in Home Economics class.  Home Economics consisted of Cooking, Sewing, Basic Bookkeeping and Typing.  Just the basic stuff to get through life.  Basic Bookkeeping taught us how to balance our checkbook!  Boy have times changed!  Also, the boys had to do it.  I really think it is a shame that schools no longer offer courses like this at school.  It was mandatory in my day!

Back to sewing!  When I finished making my cushions, I decided to clean out my sewing box.  Some of the stuff I have had for years, probably 20 years or more!

Here is the sewing box.

I have had this box for a while now.  I can’t even remember where I got it from.  All I know is that it wasn’t expensive.  I love the colours.

Here is the inside, after I cleaned it.  This is when it hit me to write this post.  So I emptied it out again, apart from all of the thread.  It took me ages to get it like this!

There is thread in there that I can’t even remember why I bought it or used it for!  I have 4 spools of white and 2 of black and 3 of cream plus a bunch of other strange colours, like maroon!

Here is my list:

  • A piece of sticky velcro
  • Some double-sided tape over 10 years old
  • Elastic over 10 years old
  • 3 seam rippers
  • 2 boxes of straight pins
  • a pack of double-edged razor blades
  • tape measure
  • Iron on mending fabric in navy blue
  • a large assortment of sewing needles
  • hook and eyes over 15 years old
  • snaps I just bought for my cushion covers but only used 1 set
  • pink buttons I can’t remember why I bought them many years ago
  • 2 travel sewing kits (I have another in a suitcase somewhere!)
  • Elastic thread I don’t know what to do with
  • 2 needle threaders cause I can’t see well to thread a needle anymore
  • a little pot of safety pins
  • assorted thread in colours I will probably never need

Here it is all laid out nicely for you:

Who in their right mind needs three seam rippers?  The reason I have three seam rippers is because I probably couldn’t find one when I needed it and then had to go out and buy another one, and another one.  That is the same reason why I have two boxes of straight pins!

I have so many sewing needles!  Who really needs that many?  I have a little needle holder that one of my kids made when they were little.  My youngest are 22, so that should give you an idea how long I must have had it!  Also, when am I ever going to need heavy-duty needles for sails?  You just never know!

Who ever uses a travel sewing kit these days?  If you ever need to sew anything when on holiday, the hotel will usually have something for you!  I have never needed a travel sewing kit!

So, what have you got in your sewing box or basket that you have had for years but never use?