Some things you just can’t get rid of!

I am going through another cycle of purging and clearing out the clutter.  Although my clutter is extremely organised at the moment, I have come to realise that I have too much ‘stuff’.  The sad thing is that I am a bit attached to my stuff.  Being attached to ‘things’ is not always a good thing.  See, this is what happens when I am not working and left on my own for any length of time without any distractions!  I think about ‘stuff’!

It is also Spring, and with that comes Spring Cleaning!  Cleaning isn’t one of my favourite things, even though I am good at it.  I have too many things to clean.  So, I have decided to get rid of some of my stuff.  The hardest things to get rid of will be books, and CDs.

I love books.  I love holding them, smelling them and reading them.  You can’t get the same experience with a Kindle as you can with a book.  Reading a book is a complete sensory experience.  I have many books, and so little time to read.  I have books I haven’t even read yet!  I have books I have started, but haven’t finished, but am determined to get to the end of!  To get me going, I am going to start with ones I have read and know I will never want to read again.  Forget about hanging onto a book that I know someone might want to read someday.  That day may never come!  I need to live in the present.

The same goes for some of my CDs.  I am loath to get rid of my CDs.  Although I have my music on an external hard drive and on an MP3 Player, the CD is another source of storage.  If I were to lose all of my music, I would be very upset.  I also have a lot of music that I don’t have on CD, like a lot of my Tango music.  I might have to copy that on a few discs!  Anyway, the CDs are all in some drawers, out of sight, but it is only right that I get rid of those I am not 100% crazy about.

I think E-bay is going to do very well out of me. I might actually make some money too! What I don’t sell will go to the charity shop.  I am going to go through ALL my stuff and get rid of what is duplicated, redundant and what I can’t use or feel I can really live without.   It is amazing that having downsized and gotten rid of so much stuff before, it all piles up again!

However, there is one thing that I don’t use very often, if ever (except recently), that I won’t be getting rid of – and that is my sewing machine!  Yup!  Apart from this week, I can’t remember the last time I used it.

Sears Kenmore

They don’t make these anymore!  The 25 year guarantee finished years ago!  Until now, I didn’t even know that Sears was still in business!  This sewing machine has travelled across the continent from New York to LA and back, and then to the UK where it has been for the last 24 years.  Apart from the bobbin threader sticking (now mended), I have never had a problem with this machine.  This is just a basic sewing machine, nothing fancy.  I don’t do fancy and wouldn’t know what to do with it.  I need to read the manual every time I use it as I don’t use it very often!

If you are wondering how I manage to use an American made sewing machine in the UK, it is because of this…

This is a transformer.  This thing weighs a ton!  It took me hours to locate it the other day.  It was in the loft.  My boyfriend would have had a heart attack if he saw me getting this out of the loft on the ladder.  Actually, he would have helped me or got it down himself if he saw me, but you know what I mean.  The reason I can use my sewing machine is because of this bad-ass transformer.  I consider my sewing machine as part of my American Heritage.  It is one of the few things I still have from America.

I still have the original packaging.

Attractive, huh?  Original styrofoam, original cardboard that is falling apart.  This baby lives under the stairs and has lived under the stairs of every house I have lived in since I moved to the UK.  I have nowhere else to put it!  I never got a case for it.  Maybe it is about time, but as long as it can fit under the stairs.  I may not use my sewing machine often, but it has never let me down when I needed it.

So, this sewing machine is staying through the purge.  What thing have you got in your home that you have had for years that you can’t live without?


5 thoughts on “Some things you just can’t get rid of!

  1. Ineresting story, thanks for sharing.

    I have a strong Midwestern “hoaring gene” and struggle with clutter all the time. I’m trying to learn that when that little voice says, “you might need that someday,” it’s time to throw it out.

    Since I bought my KIndle – at least I’ve been able to cut my book collection down to a manageable size.

    1. Arlene


      I hope you meant ‘hoarding’!
      If you get rid of stuff you don’t need, you make room for the stuff you do. It is amazing what you can live without!

  2. Lana

    I have a Sears sewing machine that is even more basic than yours.. Mine is a 6 stitch. Received this machine in 1981 for Christmas. lol I love my machine. I don’t use it often but enough to keep it around. I wouldn’t know what to do with fancy either. Nothing is wrong wth my machine except I can’t find the screws that hold the machine onto the cabinet. These screws got damaged in a move.

    As far as the hoarding goes, my hubby won’t let me hoard. He lived with one of those and he refuses to live like one.

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