Waiting for the birds!

I have had a guilt trip about the birds in the neighbourhood ever since I moved into my house two years ago.  Why?  Because I took out a couple of trees from the garden.  My garden was very dark and with spikey trees.  There was a huge Holly tree and a Pyracantha.  Although evergreen, the old leaves of the Holly would drop off and I would be left with lethal dried out leaves all around the garden.  The spikes on the Pyracantha could be used as darts.

This is what it looked like when I moved in.


I don’t have a big garden.  It is more like a patio with raised flower beds.  There was hardly any sunlight coming into the garden.  Although it was nice listening to the birds, I needed some sun for sunbathing and so my clothes could dry when I hung them out.

So this is how it looked after I took out the trees.

Zen Garden

I had light.  I even gave my neighbours some light and that made them very happy.  However, the birds were not happy.  They got a bit confused.  One minute they have a tree or two to perch in, and then the next minute it disappears.  The chattering that went on after the trees came down was amazing.  Fortunately, the birds had the ivy on the wall to perch in – but not for long as a wind eventually blew it down and it all had to come out.

To make matters worse, I still had my cat, Tiger.  Tiger was very good at catching birds considering he was nearly 18.  Although I missed the birds in the garden, I didn’t want to be responsible for any carnage taking place because of my encouragement.  It is one thing for the cat to hunt on his own and another thing for me to supply him with his prey.

It has been nearly a year since Tiger’s passing.  I won’t be getting another pet for awhile.  I have things to do and places to see and do not want the responsibility of a pet until I feel I am really ready to settle down.  My neighbour down the road has been feeding the birds and I was really surprised at the variety that are coming into her garden.  Now that the cat has passed away, I feel it is time I do my bit and feed the birds too.  Ease my guilt.

So, in February, my sweetheart and I went to the pet centre and bought some bird feeders and bird food.  I have two lots of these bird feeders and another one for suet.  I even bought them a water dispenser.  We put them up and waited.  And waited, and waited, and waited…. The birds didn’t come.  Ungrateful little creatures I thought.  We spent all that money for food and feeders and put the darn things up in crappy weather and the little critters didn’t even have the decency to come and eat!

Every morning I would look out of my kitchen window to see if the birds were feeding.  Nope, nothing, nada, nichts!  So I waited, and waited, and waited….

Then this morning while making coffee, I saw a robin on the seed feeder!  It even looked right at me!  They are so cute!  I was so excited!  But  by the time I ran upstairs to get my camera and come back down again, it had gone!  Dang!  So I waited, and drank my coffee.  Then I saw this….

Blue Tit

I saw a Blue Tit!  I thought for sure it would go for the peanuts, but it went for the suet.  This is a crappy photo, but at least it is evidence that the birds came to eat!  It only took a few months, but they came.  I am so happy and guilt free!

I know that birds like a bit of cover when eating, but the climbers are still growing and working their way up the trellis.  Hopefully, now that a couple of birds have found the food, they will tell the others and my garden will be full of little birds.  I can’t wait to see what comes along!