Flowers by The Pier

Pink Broom
Yellow Broom
Flowers in my Garden

It is turning into a very wet Spring, but the flowers are blooming, so who cares!  My neighbour’s Clematis has gone rampant and is looking lovely.  One of my Rosemary plants has bloomed.  The bees love it.  I bought a new Jasmine plant which will hopefully cover the trellis on the back wall, and my Wisteria as bloomed for the first time!  It smells wonderful!

On a sad note, the ornamental grass I planted hasn’t made it.  Apparently it loves very dry soil.  The soil was very dry and hard when I first planted the grass, but now the soil is too moist for it.  I obviously did a good job on the raised bed, because before I couldn’t even get a fork into the ground it was so hard!  I am looking for inspiration with perrennials to fill up the empty spaces.  I am thinking pink! 🙂