When is a Garden Shed not a Garden Shed?

When it is a laundry room!

My house came with a brick outbuilding attached to the back of the house.  One side used to house the coal shed and the other side had an outside toilet, which still worked.  The electrics were a bit dodgy as the roof leaked.  Even the electrician wouldn’t go near it!  I always thought that the building would make a great place for my washing machine and tumble dryer, but the plumbers didn’t seem so keen on the idea as they tried to put me off with inflated charges, or concocted tales of it being too complicated to do.  So, I gave up on that idea and went to plan B, which was to re-design the kitchen.  In the meantime, I had the roof mended so the shed could dry out and use it just for storage.

Now, I just happen to have a lovely man in my life who is capable of doing things.  I can’t tell you what he said to me when I told him what the plumbers told me. I came home from work one day to find that the toilet had been ripped out of the shed.  Is that true love or what?  When the man gets an idea in his head, there is no stopping him.  Hence no before photos.  I just never got a chance.  Imagine, however:  old dusty bricks with peeling paint, exposed roof void with cobwebs, rotting wooden doors with rusty hinges, damp brick floors.  All in all, it was pretty dark and dingy.

Here is the outside of the shed.  I have brand new doors! (the outside of the shed will be painted next year when the weather is better!)

And here is the inside.


The wall was knocked down between the two areas as it wasn’t load bearing.  The floors were levelled out and the electrics were re-done as they turned out to work after all!  A platform was made for the washing machine and countertops from Ikea were used as support.  The whole shed was lined in drywall and new lighting was installed.  There is a thermostatic heater that comes on to stop residual water in the washing machine, as well as the pipes, from freezing, .  Skirting boards were installed to give the room a bit of class and to make it look like a proper room.  The walls were painted with one coat of Dulux Kitchen paint in matt Grecian Spa 5, and a top coat of the same colour in the Bathroom paint which has a soft sheen for easy wiping.  One of my old turquoise kitchen cabinets was installed at the other end of the shed.  It contains all of my ASCP and other paint samples and leftovers.  No point in getting rid of a perfectly good cabinet; it is a shed after all!  The floor was painted with two coats of  grey floor paint.

I am so pleased with my new laundry room! It is so lovely, I almost don’t want to use it for storage.  Although it is outside, it is only two steps from the back door and I don’t have to listen to the noise the appliances make.  Now I have room for a dishwasher! 🙂