When things go Pear Shaped

In the interest of getting my abstract on, I wanted to try something a little bit different when painting a still life – something a little bit abstract, a little bit folky.  So this is what I came up with.


Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 20cm
Acrylic on Canvas – 20 x 20cm

All of this just came out of my head and I did not draw anything from life.  However, there was something bugging me about this and I realised that the composition was all wrong.  I should have either just used all apples or all pears or had the apple between the pears.  I tried painting out the apple with Titanium White and making a new pear, but I couldn’t get the colors right for the new pear.  I didn’t want to throw away the canvas, so I decided to try something different.

Still life with pears - Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 20
Still life with pears – Mixed media on Canvas – 20 x 20

I used newsprint to cover 2 pears.  The wording on the newsprint is actually about food.  I added more paint to everything and finished off outlining with a sharpie.  I think I need a thicker sharpie for this type of thing.  Although not perfect, I think it is better than before and I will be more inclined to use collage in future works.  I might try this again, but will probably lose the pear at the top (definitely the shadow) and use collage in the middle of the painting and make the jugs bigger.  I really love the colors though.  This is where it really pays to make thumbprints before starting the painting but I got really excited and started without thinking things through! 🙂