Working Small


Acrylic on Canvas = 5 x 7"
Acrylic on Canvas = 5 x 7″

The painting of the grapes are from another lesson from Painting Still Lifes and the bottom painting is from the leftover paint from the lesson and is not quite finished.

I have a few issues with the book I purchased:

1) The reference photo for the painting is too small and therefore it makes trying to draw from the photo really difficult.  The photo is thumbnail sized.  There was no way I could make an accurate sketch of those grapes.

2) The photos on where to place the paint are too small – again thumbnail sized.  There are some pictures that are about half a page, but they tend to be mostly of the finished painting or of some detail.  This is not great when you need glasses to read.  I usually end up printing an A4 sized picture and load up my photo full screen on the computer when working from photos I have taken.

3) The colors for the color mixing are too dark in the book.  I think this could be a printing issue.  I am using Artist’s quality pigments, in the appropriate amounts, and they come out completely different from the chart in the lesson.  In this case, it seemed to have worked out ok.

I fast forwarded through the book and there are some larger pictures towards the back of the book.  If you were a beginner trying to use this book, I would be really frustrated doing the lessons in the beginning as I would think I was doing something wrong with the color mixing.  It is really difficult to see the differences in value in the book sometimes.

I have used up the last of my my 5 x 7″ canvas boards.  It is interesting working small and for some reason it takes me twice as long to paint!  I am still having issues with my backgrounds as I am still uncertain on how to place the paint and so I end up doing a lot of glazing.

I am waiting for some work to come in, so I will be doing another lesson tomorrow.   It will be more fruit. 🙂