Painting is on Pause!

This time of year in the UK the weather is sucking big time.  I go to work in near darkness and come home in the dark.  So I have been trying to paint on weekends.  When the light is dim, I don’t see very well and that makes it difficult for me to paint.  I […]

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Working on Paper

This is my first attempt at working loosely.  As you might tell, I am working on a theme here, Gladioli.  I loosely drew an outline of my still life, with only basic shapes.  I mixed up new colors and started painting in the shapes.  I was having trouble with the orange flowers, so I decided […]

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Start as you mean to continue…

This is my first painting of the year using the leftover paint from the Gladioli painting I finished on New Year’s Eve and painted on Galeria Acrylic Paper. This style is a bit of a departure for me.  I want to paint more loosely and more abstractly, but I find it extremely challenging.  Considering I’m […]

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