Start as you mean to continue…

Acrylic on Paper - 5x7 inches
Acrylic on Paper – 5×7 inches

This is my first painting of the year using the leftover paint from the Gladioli painting I finished on New Year’s Eve and painted on Galeria Acrylic Paper.

This style is a bit of a departure for me.  I want to paint more loosely and more abstractly, but I find it extremely challenging.  Considering I’m a big picture sort of person, meaning I don’t worry too much about the minutiae of life –  when I paint, I want to paint every little detail.   The odd thing is, the art that I really like and aspire to paint is really loose, bordering on the abstract.  Go figure.  I am sure there is a good psychological reason behind it.

I was playing around in Picasa on one of the close-ups I took of some gladioli flowers and came up with these:


They are very Warhol-ish.  I love the colors.  I thought these poster-like images might help me loosen up.  Do you know, I still tried to paint all the details and get the colors right! Ugh!  And mixing purples is challenging.  In spite of everything, I really like it.  I’ve got three more to try.

I am going to try and paint or draw something every day.  That is going to be very challenging as I go back to work next week, but the intention is out there.  I am in my painting clothes and ready to try something different today.  We will just see how things go.

Happy Painting for 2015!