Working on Paper

Gladioli - Acrylic on Paper - 7x10 inches
Gladioli – Acrylic on Paper – 7×10 inches

This is my first attempt at working loosely.  As you might tell, I am working on a theme here, Gladioli.  I loosely drew an outline of my still life, with only basic shapes.  I mixed up new colors and started painting in the shapes.  I was having trouble with the orange flowers, so I decided to add some pinks to them which helped tie them in with the purple and the pink background.  Although the flowers look beautiful together in real life, I found this color combination quite challenging to paint with.  I will be playing around with these flowers over the next few weeks.  I will paint some all in purple and all in orange.  I might even paint a few close-ups with loads of detail!  Old habits die hard.

Although I have a few canvases I can paint on, I will be mainly painting on paper for now.  I have so much and I need to use it.  It is certainly different painting on paper than it is on canvas.  I painted the above painting on Galeria Acrylic Paper.  This paper is embossed to look like canvas.  However, it is not the same as painting on canvas and I find that the paint dries a lot quicker.  Surprisingly though the paper doesn’t buckle, so it is possible to add many layers of paint.  You can also use watercolor techniques with acrylic paint on paper.  Different types of paper have different properties when applying paint to them and is great to experiment with.  Paper is also easier to store when you don’t have a lot of space.  Paper makes a really good first draft, (or second, or third) before putting your idea to canvas.  If you don’t like your painting, it won’t pain you to throw it in the re-cycling bin.  Those are some of the advantages to working on paper.  I’m looking forward to trying out lots of different ways of painting on it.