Painting is on Pause!

This time of year in the UK the weather is sucking big time.  I go to work in near darkness and come home in the dark.  So I have been trying to paint on weekends.  When the light is dim, I don’t see very well and that makes it difficult for me to paint.  I may need to get a lamp with a daylight bulb in it.  If anyone else has this issue, please let me know how you get around it.  I also cannot paint in greylight.  As it is winter in the UK, the light is mostly grey.  I was thinking I might need to change my subject matter if my vision is fuzzy because of the light situation and start painting some abstracts again.  I went off-piste with that as I really love painting flowers, but I am struggling with trying to focus.

So, with not enough time to paint, and the light being rubbish, I also have nowhere to paint.  My usual painting area, in the dining room, at the back of the house (hence the lack of light in the winter months) is no longer available as the room now contains furniture from my living room.  My husband is decorating the living room and most of the furniture is now in the space where I used to paint.  It is very cozy in the dining room to say the least.  Because my house is very old and there is still a fair amount of work to be done, I could be out of action for weeks.  So, I have put a pause on my painting for now.  I am doing a lot more cooking now instead.

There is, however, some good news.  I found an art class I can take in the evening and it starts in a couple of weeks.  Considering the amount of creative people in this town, art classes tend to be limited to the morning or afternoon, so it is either the retired or jobless that can benefit from most of them.  Plus they get daylight to work in! I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Painting is on Pause!

  1. What a great idea to take an art class, you’ll have a bright place to work and perhaps meet others in a similar situation or even perhaps meet someone with space to share. As for cooking, that’s a creative outlet and nourishing to not only the physical body, but the soul. Wishing you the best from across the pond!

    1. Arlene

      Thanks Deb,
      Looking forward to doing an evening class. It is unfortunate that most of them are in the daytime, but is is an opportunity to learn something new. 🙂

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