Watercolor Class: Making Texture

Lesson 4 was all about making texture. Try not to be too judgemental, but the object was to create texture, not create a realistic looking wall.  Yes, that is a wall below.  After splashing paint all over our stone wall, we dropped salt into the wet paint.  The salt makes amazing textures when it dries.  […]

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Watercolor Class: Painting Skies

I’ve had three more classes since the last time I posted, so please bear with me while I catch up!  The weather has been really terrible for taking photos. OK, so in lesson 3, we worked on painting skies and clouds.  I really need to practice this, because my homework was not really good. (I […]

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Watercolour Course for Beginners

The art class I wanted to take got cancelled and I was offered another class for half price.  The only class I could really take was the watercolour class, and fortunately there was  a space available.  The last time I attempted a watercolour class, we got as far as stretching paper, so I wasn’t expecting […]

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