Watercolor Class: Making Texture

Lesson 4 was all about making texture.


Try not to be too judgemental, but the object was to create texture, not create a realistic looking wall.  Yes, that is a wall below.  After splashing paint all over our stone wall, we dropped salt into the wet paint.  The salt makes amazing textures when it dries.  I have some ideas for using this technique as it works well with diluted acrylic paint too!


Below we used crumpled up cling film on wet paint.  Left it for 5 minutes before removing.  I also dropped some salt into the still damp areas.


Below we tried to recreate the look of an old building.  We weren’t trying to make a nice window.  We used light and dark paint, a bit of wax, SALT and dropped in clean water.


Below we used wax before putting on a wash of paint for a seascape.

???????????????????????????????Below, we painted on a wash, waited for paint to dry, and then removed paint with sandpaper.  The moon was created after by using wax and painting a wash over it.

???????????????????????????????Below was my first attempt at using the cling film.  I might just have to make a large abstract with this.  I really like how this one came out.

???????????????????????????????We were given homework.  Will show you that once I manage to take some photos.  🙂