Watercolor Class: Homework


I managed to take photos of what we were supposed to do for homework.  It is a bit of irony for me as one of the reasons I am taking a class is because I have no space to paint due to home renovations.  Doing the homework was very tricky, but I managed it.

The first set of homework was to practice working on skies/clouds.


Reference photo above and my attempts below.  It seems I may need to practice more and not be so impatient and should wait for the paint to dry.  The frustrating thing is that I know I can do these with acrylics. Practice…

Art 2015

The next set of homework was to practice working with texture.  Reference photo below.  The main idea was to work on the wall


And my attempt below.


I like my wall, but I really need to work on the rest.  The silhouette of the church was something I practiced on in lesson 4.   No point in wasting paper.  Close-up of the wall, using salt and wax.  I really like using salt.




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