Watercolor Class: Painting a landscape – with water

Watercolor painting does involve painting with water, but we painted a landscape, that had water in it.  Moving water to be precise.  Here is the reference photo we were working from.  It was painted by our tutor.

???????????????????????????????And below is what I completed in the two hours of the class.  This time the whole class worked on the same thing.

I find working on silhouettes tricky.  Especially churches and buildings, and trees!  After studying my finished work, I could probably add some more orange and yellow to the bottom of my painting to balance it out more.  The tutor liked my sky and the way I treated the water.  I barely used any wax in the water at all.  It was mostly dry brushing.

???????????????????????????????I am also very happy with my arches and my trees came out better than I thought they would.  Who knows?  I might get the hang of this watercolor painting lark one day! 🙂