Teaching Myself Watercolor Painting: Wet in Wet Reflections

IMG_0052Here is the second lesson I have done from the book I purchased.  The photo was taken with my i-phone and is marginally brighter than the actual painting.

What I have learned from doing this painting: I need to work on my highlights.  It was difficult removing the paint to make them when the paint was still wet.  The other thing is not to be afraid of using bold color when called for.

The top part was worked wet into wet on dry paper and the bottom part on wet paper.

I will most likely try this on one of my own landscapes. We have used these techniques in class.  Here is the lesson.  This lesson is supposed to take 20 minutes, but it took me about 45!

IMG_0055If I have any criticism about this book, it is that I feel there should be a photograph of the drawing.  However, each lesson is on two pages on an A5 page and there wouldn’t be enough room.  In any event, I am looking forward to trying the next lesson!