Teaching Myself Watercolor Painting – Sunset


I am not quite finished with this little painting – 7×10″, but I am happier how it turned out from when I started.  This is another lesson from the book I purchased.  I will be going back to it when it is dry and try to straighten out my chimney pots and telephone pole.  I used all of the colors suggested, except I used Alizarin Crimson instead of Permanent Rose.  Mixing the colors for the silhouette directly on the paper created interesting textures, though the color is not as dark as in the book.  I used a mixture of Ultramarine Blue and Cadmium Red, but it wasn’t dark enough, so I added Windsor Violet.  I think that if I really want a blackish mix, I would add Burnt Umber to the mix next time, but I am really happy with this for now. Here is the lesson.

???????????????????????????????Sorry about the quality of the photo, but you get the idea.  When I did the first wash, I went in a bit linear with my brush strokes rather than with a sweeping movement going upwards.  The second wash was a bit better.  There was a lot of waiting for paint to dry in-between washes, so I started a sunflower painting from some videos I found on youtube.  I found a Canadian lady who is very informative and has some great demos.  Her name is Angela Fehr.  Check her out.  I found her while trying to find out how to load your brush with water and paint.  You would think my tutor would have explained this by now, but he hasn’t and there is only one more class left to do.  Hey ho!

In any event, I am learning from my books and from the wonderful people out there who post videos on youtube.  Thank goodness for the internet!


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