When Watercolor Painting Fails

IMG_0146This is the reference photo I used to paint my latest watercolor painting.  I had a lovely bouquet of Gladioli that I took photos of last year.  I was going to try this using the wet-in-wet technique as used by Ross Barbera, who I mentioned in my last post.  This is how it turned out.

Watercolor on paper - 4x6"
Watercolor on paper – 4×6″

I have tried a new color, Permanent Mauve by Winsor & Newton and a new paper by Daler Rowney, 140lb cold pressed.  As you can see, it didn’t turn out very well.  The flower has two layers of paint and the second layer didn’t improve it.  What I like best is the effect in the background created by the salt.  The Permanent Mauve seems to be a color that granulates, which is great for skies and landscapes, but not really for this little flower painting.  I left it overnight and decided to see if I could do anything with it by using my aquarelles.  This is how it turned out.

???????????????????????????????It is still not great, but it is better and more vibrant.  I used my set of Caran D’ache Watersolubles that include watercolor pencils and water soluble crayons.  I mainly used the crayons for the flower.  This set includes a white crayon and pencil.  I used a wet brush on the crayon to lift off the color and used it for the white area of the flower.  I also used the yellow crayon on the background to make the flower stand out more and a purple pencil to add some shadow and outline a few of the petals to give them more definition.

Here is what they look like before and after.

Art 20152I am actually starting to like this now.  It’s not the worst thing I’ve ever painted!


2 thoughts on “When Watercolor Painting Fails

  1. You did great with the shape – did you trace or draw freehand? And there’s much of it to like, the more you look at what you did. Who’s to say you can’t do it again and consider this a “study”? Make the changes you want in the next version to please yourself.

    1. Arlene

      I drew it out, a few times, but the overall shape is very simple. I think I need a different pink and mauve for this if I were to do it again in watercolor. I have already painted these glads in acrylic over Xmas! 🙂

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