Teaching Myself Watercolor Painting – Sky with Sea

I went back to my book and decided to try my hand at painting clouds.

Watercolor on Paper - 4x6"
Watercolor on Paper – 4×6″

This is another small piece.  I am going to work small until I am confident of working larger.  I followed the lesson in the book.  It was supposed to take 22 minutes.  It took me about a half an hour, so I must be getting better.  I had a few issues with the bottom half of the painting when adding the reflections, but I think I know how to overcome these when attempting something like this again, but from my own photo.

My clouds came out better than I expected, and the technique used here was similar to what we did in the class I had recently taken.  It was good to complete a painting from start to finish without wondering how I was going to have to fix it as I did in my previous painting!


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