Making Color Charts

Yesterday, the Jean Haines’ books I ordered had arrived.  I really love her style.  I would love to paint like her.  She has many years of painting behind her, so that is going to be a tough one to follow.  Anyhow, I am inspired by her work.  Right now her books are my bedtime reading.  […]

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Finding My Way With Landscapes

After giving myself permission to paint loudly, (I can’t believe I did that! I’m a grownup and can do what I like!) I wanted to try painting from one of my own photographs.  Here is the reference photo I worked from. The photos at the bottom are the original.  I cropped to zoom in to […]

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Playing with Aquarelles

I learned something about my art self today.  Well, I already knew what I learned, but I never gave myself permission until now.  I want to paint wild.  I want to paint the type of art that I love that others do.  Does that make sense?  This is probably why I have been a bit […]

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