My Barcelos Cockerel

My Barcelos Cockerel - Acrylic on Canvas - 60x40cm
My Barcelos Cockerel – Acrylic on Canvas – 60x40cm

After my husband and I arrived in Santiago de Compostela, we decided to head down to Portugal for a week and recover from our very long walk.  The symbol of Portugal is a very brightly colored rooster.  You see them in all of the souvenir shops in every town, in all colors and sizes.  They originate in Barcelos, which also happens to be on the route of the Camino Portuguese.  Here is a very large one in the center of Barcelos.


I was also given a small ceramic one by my waiter where we had dinner the night we stayed in Barcelos.  IMG_1370The Barcelos Cockerel represents faith, justice and good fortune.  I developed a fondness for these little guys and decided to make one of my own design to hang in our newly renovated kitchen where it will remind us of the wonderful time we spent in Portugual.  You can learn all about the Barcelos Cockerel here.  My aim was to create a rooster in a folk art style.  I can’t wait to finish him off and hang him up.  Cock a doodle doo!


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