When a Watercolor Painting is Painted With Watercolors – Loose Style


I wrote a post recently about using acrylics like watercolors.  I wasn’t crazy about how my paintings turned out, but it was a good experiment.  This time I followed the same tutorial for painting poppies in a loose manner, but I used watercolors.  This is how it turned out.

Poppies - Watercolor on paper-A4

Poppies – Watercolor on paper-A4

The technique was better in this painting, but I am not certain it is because I used watercolors.  This was the 3rd attempt, no 4th (I washed the 3rd), of painting poppies, so I had a bit more practice and was able to have a bit more control.  I am still a little unsure whether the acrylic paintings are better because I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing.  Here they are again:

Acrylic on Paper

Acrylic on Paper



2 responses

  1. I still like the acrylic on paper version, too. It’s cool to see the different mediums and effects you created. Thanks for sharing this experiment.

  2. It’s very nice. I love everything: loose and careful, colorful and light watercolors. I personally believe there are no rules how one should paint. I’ve noticed this: when something is good art, it is good regardless of style or rules which sort of apply. Artist can break any rules, and there’s no harm in that.