More Trees

There were only 3 trees to paint with the watercolor pencils.

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I painted these in my sketchbook which is not very good quality paper.  I will have to try them on WC paper another time.  From left to right we have a Scotch Pine, a winter tree, and a dead tree.  I’m not crazy about the Pine, but that is how it goes sometimes.  The pencils blended well and I got the effects I wanted.  I carried on with painting trees in the Top Tips book I mentioned previously.  I chopped up A4, 140 lb Winsor & Newton paper, to 4×6″.  I wanted to work small and on both sides.

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Some of the trees I did more than once as I wasn’t happy with my first attempt.  I tried to use the brush size as the artist suggested, but the 3/4″ flat brush I have wasn’t working for me and is an acrylic brush.  I ordered a 3/4″ watercolor brush which has natural and synthetic hairs and am hoping that it will work better.  In any event, my lines were too heavy.  I will talk you through them.  Painting 1 and 2 of poplars was more of a challenge than it looked.  I still need to practice these.  They look awkward on their own, but would look OK in a landscape.  Painting 3 of the fir tree was easy to do as was number 4 of the palm tree.  It could probably have a bit more of a bend to it if it were next to water.  Painting 5 was used with the brush suggested and it just didn’t happen for me, so I went back to what I had learned in the watercolor class I took and used a different brush and dry brushed the leaves for painting 6.  I was happy with the trunks and branches in both paintings, but it is the leaves that can let you down.  The same thing happened in painting 7 when I used the flat brush, so I changed my brush and used the dry brush method as before for painting 8 which turned out better.  I think that is going to be my style for leaves as it seems to work for me.

Painting 9 was an exercise that was supposed to take 5 minutes.  It took me 10!  It was supposed to be all wet in wet.  The disadvantage of doing a lesson and not having a reference photo except for the finished painting is that you really don’t know how it is going to turn out.  I think my painting started to dry too quickly, even though I wet the paper twice.  I did read the instructions beforehand so I had my colors ready, but it isn’t great and I will do it over again on the back.  It is a lesson and I learned something.  Because the paper I was working on was small, I did need to adjust the brush sizes.  That wasn’t a problem.  I enjoyed painting the branches with the Rigger brush and it is now one of my favorites.  By the way, I still can’t get the hang of painting the leaves on the willow tree.  Need to practice that more.  All in all, not a bad day’s painting!


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      Hi Rachel, thank you for your comment. I think they look a lot better the further away you stand from them! 😉

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