Landscape Lesson With Watercolor Pencils

Here is the reference painting for the lesson from Quick and Clever Watercolours.


There was no line drawing to refer to, just this.  If I have a criticism with most art books, it is that they do not give you enough images, or the images are not large enough.  So, I pretty much had to wing this.  Here is my finished result.


By the way, I taped down a 9×12″ sheet of paper and taped another strip in the middle to make two sections.  The bottom image is the one I completed first, according to the instructions in the book.  This is literally painted with watercolor pencils.  You just take the paint off the pencil with a wet brush and paint.  There was supposed to be a lot of wet in wet going on here, but it just wasn’t happening.  I read the instructions a couple of times before I started painting as sometimes you need to work quite quickly.  For the sky, I wet that section of the paper first in order to put the wash down even though that is not how the author does it.  That worked really well and I am very happy with my skies in both paintings.  I didn’t quite have the colors that the author used, so I pulled out 3 of my pencil sets and tried to match the colors as close as possible.   I’m not that happy with my trees, considering I spent time practicing them yesterday.

The top painting I did completely different, except for the sky.  Instead of taking the color off of the pencils and then putting them on the paper.  I colored the whole painting in.  I forgot to take a photo of that!  I then went in with a wet brush and wet each section. I started from top to bottom.  I washed the brush out before painting a different color.   I am happier with this painting than with the first one.  I like the pencils marks.  The first one looks too flat. I might go back into the first painting with pencils and make some marks to see if that makes it any better.  If anything, I learned that there is more than one way to paint a landscape painting with watercolor pencils. 🙂