Playing with Aquarelles

I learned something about my art self today.  Well, I already knew what I learned, but I never gave myself permission until now.  I want to paint wild.  I want to paint the type of art that I love that others do.  Does that make sense?  This is probably why I have been a bit frustrated painting flowers with watercolor.  I just love all of the wild and juicy colors, but really don’t know how to use them to their advantage.  I thought by changing my tack and focusing on landscapes instead I would be less frustrated, but I’m not.  I want to paint wild and crazy landscapes.

I love color.  In fact, my house is full of color.  For example, here is photo of my living room.


How many people do you know that have lilac colored walls in their living room (and in the bedroom!), have a set of purple and fuchsia sofa covers and a rainbow colored carpet?  My kitchen used to be turquoise (it came with the house), but now that I have a white kitchen, I had to paint a wild Portuguese Cockerel to offset the turquoise withdrawal.


I also have a turquoise sheer curtain on the back door to diffuse the sunlight.  I don’t have a big house, but it is full of color without being overwhelming.  I also wear colorful clothes.  All of my Camino clothes were color coordinated, down to my socks.  Everything was purple with green and grey trousers, except one melon and one navy t-shirt.  So where is all this leading to you may ask?

Well, while I was pondering what to paint today, my new watercolor pencils arrived in the post!  Hello my lovlies!  IMG_1586 IMG_1587I wanted to try them out, but I have to say that I wasn’t too inspired about painting a landscape from the Charles Evans book I had been working from.  As much as I love landscapes, they can be a bit dull.  I wanted to paint a landscape that was different.  So I rooted around my books and found a book called Drawing and Painting with Water Soluble Media, by Fiona Peart.    The whole book is full of vibrant and colorful ways of painting with Aquarelles.  So, I dug out all of my pencils and crayons and did the first lesson.


It is not quite the same as the one done in the book.  Firstly, I didn’t have the exact same colors, and I am still new to working with Art Bars and all of the pencils. Also, spraying the painting didn’t quite work for me and I found it necessary to go over the piece with my brush, which gave it a different look.  Maybe I need to use a different sprayer. However, it is not a bad effort and has given me ideas of painting one of my own from the many photos I took of poppies on the Camino.

So, for the moment, I am on a huge learning curve until I find out what works best for me.


2 thoughts on “Playing with Aquarelles

  1. Weeeee~ long live color! Beautiful experiment and lovely decor in your home. Your art should reflect your sense of what pleases the eye. Great job expressing that.

    1. Arlene

      Thank you. You are right about my Art should reflect what pleases me. It is just that when you are learning something new, you have to start with the basics before you can break the rules. That is one good thing about learning from others who have already done that! 🙂

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