Working with Washes

Working from books again, and a bit of youtube, I have been practicing washes.  You might recall one book I have been working from called 30 Minute Landscapes.  I am particularly attracted to the lessons with skies, especially sunsets.  Here is one I completed today.  In normal circumstances, I could have had this finished in half an hour, but it took me a couple of days because I started other things!   I have been adverse to trying lessons with masking fluid as I am trying to find a way of painting without using it.  It is a challenge.  This little painting used masking fluid for the sun.

Lesson, Watercolor on Paper - 6x9"
Lesson, Watercolor on Paper – 6×9″

I had a little bit of a back run on the left hand side which detracts from the effect I was trying to recreate. Also, washes are not easy to do and take a bit of practice.

I received another book in the post yesterday by Fiona Peart.  Here is the beach scene I worked on.


This is also 6×9″ which is half of an A4 sheet of paper.  I need to work on my waves, there are too many.  I really like the dog, but the boy needs some work.  This painting was done in stages, something I need to get used to and  finding patience while waiting for paint to dry.  I find that it is best to let the painting dry as naturally as possible, and when everything has soaked into the paper, to then use the hairdryer to finish it off.  I will need to find one of my own photographs to try these techniques on.  I do live by the seaside after all!


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